Monday, August 26, 2013

First days of school 2013

Kira's first day came on the 16th.  Then Ben's, mine and Emma's on the 19th!  We're slowly working out a system.  Ben and Kira ride the bus ( which was a nightmare the first couple of days)!  Now they ride the bus together and that is going well!  Ben seems to like his teacher.  I can tell, because his shirt isn't chewed like crazy when he gets home!  Kira is having a hard time with her teacher.  She is hard for her to understand and she got mad at Kira and yelled in her face.  The first week of school and already problems!  Emma is loving kindergarten and being right down our little hall.  She always comes over and says hi during recess!  She mommies in her class too, which her teacher thought was funny!  My Kindergartners are awesome and I'm excited to teach them this year!  We went bowling at a free event on Saturday and Ben did amazing!  I thought all of my kids worked hard and did well! I worked some in my class and then we went to the pioneer activity in Oklahoma!  Kira did awesome with the hula hoop!  Prepare for the photo dump!

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