Saturday, August 3, 2013

We're here!

The move did not go as well as planned, but we're all down here with our stuff, so I think it went well!  We have been incredibly blessed by family so willing to help us!  Our Olathe Ward Family helped us out a ton with packing and loading the truck (and trailer)!  Our Liberal Ward Family fed us tonight, helped us stay in a motel (right by church too), and are going to help us unpack our truck tomorrow after church and the linger longer (due to our ox being in the mire).  I start with trainings and such on Monday!  I'm super excited!  We came down on Tuesday/Wednesday (Me, Ben, Kira, Emma, and Leah) and got the kids registered for school, rented a house (issues with the ex-husband kept us from buying the house we were going for), plus cleaned up my classroom considerably. I'm going to be decorating my walls, making lots of plans, and prepping for conferences before classes start.   Fun times!  We're thrilled to be here and plan to be here for a long time (although we're following Heavenly Father's Plan, and that changes what happens to us regularly).  Pictures to be posted later!  When I'm able to breathe again!

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