Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oh so close!

Last week we got to see what should be our house!  The kids really like the video they saw.  I like it too!  I LOVE my classroom!  It's a good size and came with a lot of manipulatives, games, center activities...and a water fountain!  Woohoo!  I made sure that my books were labeled and separated before I left!  I still have to do all of the other books, but mine are done!

I'm bringing the kids down for registration.  I'm sure it will be lots of fun to spend 13 hours in the car together!  Luckily we have car DVD players!  Yesterday was a super fun day!  We got to go to the pool for a couple hours and then have a picnic, courtesy of our church.  It was awesome to see so many friends from a long (and short) time ago!  Some of them have lost a ton of weight, which reminds me I need to Zumba more!  I was doing awesome, then this week was crazy and I only did it twice this week.  Bummer!

Kira got her ears pierced, courtesy of Aunt Kim!  Thanks Kim!  Then they all played at the playground.

Anyway, after all of that fun we came home and went to our Neighbor's birthday party.  The kids had a blast.  I worked on my Spanish.  It's no bueno, so anything is an improvement.  Watching the kids hit at the Pinata was hilarious!

We came home a little later than I would have liked, so bedtime ran late, and I ended up cleaning until 2 in the morning.  That's what happens when we play all day.Now our Living Room is a cardboard jungle, and we're ready to pack boxes, sell huge things and get rid of anything that's not moving with us!  I should be posting from the new house next Sunday.  Unless we don't have internet yet...

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