Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thankful week 2

I wasn't feeling well at the start of this week, but I'm healthy now and none of my kids have gotten sick-so Thankful thing #1!  I have a couple snotty kiddos, but no throwing up!
Leah lost the crown on her tooth today, but is doing well (and hopefully we'll be able to get her in to the Dentist quickly)-Thankful thing #2!
While Scott and I were napping (and I thought Josh was napping too)-Cecilia and Josh together dumped out a whole container of milk, but it was only half full-so they only wasted half a gallon of milk-Thankful thing #3!
Ben isn't complaining as much about school and is sleeping a lot better-Thankful thing #4!
We got to watch the Croods as a family (except for Scott, he was out with missionaries) and Josh ran off, but one of the teachers recognized him and grabbed him for me (and let me know that they had him, since I was frantically looking for him)!  I'm glad we made it through okay!  And it only cost $7 for popcorns and drinks for everyone!  Thankful Thing #5!
Scott is doing very well this week!  Thankful Thing #6!
I got awesome sales from Dillon's and spent under $80 and got a lot of groceries!  I saved $40!  The cashier was pretty impressed and the only coupon I used was a $5 off coupon from the week before!  Thankful Thing #7!
I was so excited yesterday to get the boys' room clean and put up the Cars Wall Stickers!  Josh was super thrilled about it!  He really loves cars!
I decided to reward myself by cutting out the material for the girls' matching skirts.  I was a little sad that they really liked the fabric that I had only gotten one yard out of.  But, they're dealing with it!  I was a little frustrated with myself, since I cut it out sideways, so we'll have fallen Christmas trees, instead of standing up trees.  Oh well!  I'm sure it will still be cute!  The hardest part is deciding what kind of applique I want to make to match the skirts!  I'm thinking a Christmas tree with their initial in it.
Then I discovered I could make pajama pants, which led to the idea of doing matching pjs with appliques and since there's 8 of us and 8 letters in our last name-that's totally what I'm doing!  I'm super excited that Joann's has their flannel on sale tomorrow too, with 11 cents for shipping!  So, I'll pay about $35 for all the fabric I need and then I'll just have to buy some white shirts to applique on and I'm set!

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