Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another week bites the dust!

The start of this week completely stunk!  Too many bad things!  The good news is that we're all still alive, our car is still managing to run, and we have a place to live!  Woohoo!
Shawnee Mission emailed me for an interview that I didn't see until Sunday night, and then they wanted to interview me on Monday morning.  I thought I hit send, but didn't, so when I got there they weren't expecting me and didn't want to see me anymore.  There went that one.  Cecilia got sick, and she has strep throat that we've been medicating.  Samuel has a virus and is coughing and has a goopy eye (the second one is starting to get yucky too).  Josh still has a cough and he's very attached to me!  I'm doing really well though!  My body is healing quite nicely!  I've been getting things done now that I'm healing.  I can do laundry now!  I went through the girls (and our) clothes to pare it down considerably, since we were washing way too many clothes!  It was ridiculous!  We didn't do anything super cool this week, but did go on a little walk to pick honeysuckle!  Yum!

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