Sunday, June 8, 2014

Second week of Summer

We have been taking it easy this week!  We have had a great time getting things where they belong and going through stuff!  We were able to do a ton of laundry thanks to my amazing sister!  We got rid of a few bags of clothes that my girls have outgrown.  We got winter clothes put in storage.  Storage that I can't go through.  Grumble, grumble.  I feel pretty well healed and then I'll do something I shouldn't.  Like pick up my almost 40 pound toddler.  He's almost 2, and is already well into the Terrible Twos!  Well...into...Terrible...Twos!  Yikes!  In order to nip that in the bud, I have to help him follow instructions.  Yeah.
I applied to more schools.  I hadn't realized that I hadn't applied to one of the close school districts here.  So, I remedied that.  Too bad I haven't been checking my email.  They wanted to interview me on Friday, I found out today.  Stink!  I emailed them back, and I'm hoping they give me another chance!  I'll do better at checking my email.  :)
There's been a TON of rain here, which my kids are slowly getting used to!  It hardly ever rained in Liberal, so it's very different for them!  We had a crazy storm that took out a huge tree in the neighbor's yard and took out the electrical wires as it crashed.  So, we had the opportunity to eat out for lunch.  The kids loved it!  Then I went to a friend's house and our kids played together as we talked.  It was great!  I did way too much walking yesterday, but we had fun!  All the kids (but Ben and Samuel) made little wooden riding mowers at Home Depot.  Super cute, although hard work!  Then we went grocery shopping at Aldi.  Later my sister picked up all but the bottom 2 kids and took them to the Mall.  My mom kept Josh and Scott and I got to go on a little date with Samuel!  It was very exciting to be able to hold my husband's hand and go!  We went to Old Navy to get me some clothes, since all of my size clothes are in the storage unit.  Somewhere.  I got 2 shirts, a pair of jeans and 2 maxi dresses for under $60!  And I got $20 Old Navy Cash to use later!  Later I got to go shopping with my mom.  We're trying to find cute white sandals without huge heels in her size.  Hard work!  We also went to Sam's Club.  Some of their prices are absolutely ridiculous!  It was a good day, but I was hurting by the end.
Today we got to go to church!  I got to wear one of my new dresses and I put Samuel in his little suit.  So cute!  I took lots of pictures!  I changed him right out of it when we got home though!  He did a great job sleeping through most of church, I am very impressed!  Kira bore her testimony and did fantastic!  And it looks like Samuel was having a growth spurt, because he hasn't eaten near as much today and has slept more!
In the meantime, Jamberry is still going well!  I certainly love mine, and Kira and Emma love theirs!  I did Kira's last night and Emma's this morning.  They love how cute their nails look, and I'm hoping it encourages the other girls to stop sucking on their fingers, so I can do their nails too!

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