Sunday, June 1, 2014

My family is doing great

On Tuesday, I went shopping to get an interview outfit.  I found that I'm already back in my pre-pregnancy size.  I wasn't expecting that, so all of my regular clothes are in storage.  Bummer!  Either way, I got my hair cut and got all dressed up and the group of us headed down to Emporia for my interview.  We brought the four youngest kids with us.  Scott dropped me off at my interview and he headed to a friend's house for our kids to play together.  My interview only took 20 minutes and then she showed me where my classroom would be (3rd grade classroom).  I thought it went well!  But, I never heard anything, so it was a good experience and obviously not for me!  I know Scott doesn't mind, since he really doesn't want to move again!

I was exhausted from doing too much on Tuesday, so Wednesday was a PJ snuggle day.
On Thursday, I took Samuel in for his first Doctor's visit.  He's now 8 pounds 13 ounces, so he's only down 2 ounces from his birthweight!  Woohoo!  I also weighed myself and I'm UNDER 200 POUNDS!!!  That was my original weight loss goal before I found out I was pregnant!  I'm super excited!  So, I have lost 15 pounds having this baby of mine!  My belly doesn't feel like jelly at all, which I find incredibly strange!  I'm doing pretty well considering I had a baby a week ago!  This baby eats a ton!  And it hurts when he eats at the beginning!  It's getting better though!  Poor Josh is always wanting to be held, but he wants to hold the baby too!  I feel bad, because I can't pick him up!  I'm looking forward to being able to pick things up again!

Friday we got a little more done, finally got the car top carrier unpacked (Scott and the kids anyway).  Seeing all the diapers, wipes and baby things that people gave to us awes me!  We were very blessed from generous friends!  I still need to make cloth diapers, but haven't done them yet.  It's hard to get to the sewing machine still.  I have a lot of work to do, but have to take it easy, which is super hard!  Samuel is smiling a lot more!  I even heard him laugh twice in his sleep!  I also did a little Samuel photo session!

Yesterday we went garage saleing, which was super fun!  Mom, Samuel and I spent about $40 and got a LOT of stuff!  I got a art easel for free, Soothing Motions Glider for Samuel for only $3, a lime green Bumbo for $7, a ton of clothes and shoes and books.  I totally overdid it though, so was in pain for Stake Conference.  Oh well!  It was great seeing old friends!  I was able to see a few friends in the Mother's Lounge.  I love seeing old friends!  Then we went to Texas Roadhouse!  Yum!  And Samuel even let me go to sleep before one in the morning!  It's a good day!  This week wasn't nearly as crazy as last week, and this next week will probably be filled with organization and putting things where they can belong.

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