Sunday, September 14, 2014

Aquarium Visit

It's been a fun week!  We made it through and Emma got to celebrate her early birthday at school with rainbow cupcakes!  She was so cute!  She desperately wanted to give one to her PE teacher, so I gave her back the one she gave me!  She really likes him!  She wrote him a secret fin (fan) letter!  Then he put it up on the wall and she admitted to it!  So cute!
Saturday was down at my family's house and at the Aquarium.  We got to help clean out one of the rooms in the basement, well, finish cleaning out.  Then we headed to the Aquarium for Scott's birthday present.  He LOVES fish and aquaponics and such, so I bought tickets for all of us to go to the Aquarium for half off!  It was still $60 (including tax)!  It was very cute seeing how excited they all were!  I took a LOT of pictures!  They also had a ton of photo ops where the people could go "inside" the aquarium.  Very cool!  It was small, but fun.  We let the kids play at the playground at the end, before we were going to walk back through, but Ben decided to mess with a little boy and pretend he was biting him (I'm still not sure exactly what happened), but the kiddo's mom got very upset, so we hightailed it out.  Ben knows better, and we've talked a lot about how he should act around strangers.  He really had no idea, but we should have been paying closer attention.  I keep forgetting that Ben has Autism, because he has lots of days where he does fantastic!  Then I get reminded that Ben is not like other almost 12-year-olds.  Not even close.  He's still my very favorite Ben in the whole wide world!
We headed back to my parents' house and had a little birthday party for Emma.  My family is so great!  My dad told us an amazing story of his blessing in the Temple, from the Temple Presidency.  I feel like everything is going to be okay!  Maybe not forever, but definitely great news for the near future!  His name is on every Temple prayer roll in the world.  The whole world is praying for my Dad!  The Church is true!!!  My Dad is already happier and was adding windshield wiper fluid to his car as we left.  It may not sound like a big deal, but those containers are hard to open!  I'm so proud to be a daughter of my amazing parents!
Now, for the picture dump:

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