Sunday, September 7, 2014

I Love Labor Day!

I really enjoyed the three day weekend!  I got to spend more time with my family, which is always great!
This week Kira finally got her stitches out!  I learned some new methods in managing my class!  My kiddos have cracked me up!  We're getting things together, so our house is looking much better!  We're still working on unpacking and finding a place for everything!
Grandparents' Day at School was fun!  My mom and Scott's mom came!  My kiddos were pretty excited!  I was shocked to see my mom in a sling!  Poor mom!  She's got tendonitis and something else!  I wish I could help her out more!
Scott's birthday was fun too!  We picked up my Dad from the airport, so we got to talk!  I love my Dad and we're constantly praying for him!  I need my Dad!  I don't need another angel helping us out, since lots of our loved ones have died and are already over there.  I'm trying very hard not to worry/think about it, but can't help myself in those quiet early mornings.  Anyway, my sister agreed to watch our kids for 4 hours!  It was great!  We got to shop at Savers and found Ben's and Emma's birthday presents, plus tons of much needed furniture!  Then we walked around Old Settler's Day and talked to Scott's mom!  We picked up the kids and came home.  I'm excited for next weekend!

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