Sunday, September 28, 2014

My dad is awesome!

If you know my dad, no surprises there!  He has been diagnosed with ALS and his first concern was making sure my mom is taken care of!  Due to his being in the military, he will get many benefits to help him out, which is awesome!  He has little strength in his left hand and his right foot, which makes things somewhat difficult, yet he is being very positive about it!  Yesterday he fell and rolled to try and get his feet back under him.  He came in laughing, still with some dirt on his cheek and told us he's great at rolling!  Seriously, my dad is amazing!  He is still working at the Temple on Saturdays and doing all he can to still serve others.  He was telling me how to take our dryer apart (since it stopped working this week).  Seeing his face light up when Samuel smiles at him is great too!  He absolutely loves his kids and grandkids!  The feeling is mutual!  He is working super hard to be able to do well as long as he can!  He is taking massive amounts of pills, where he has never had to take medicines before.  Anything to help his family!  He is an amazing example!  I love my dad!

Samuel turned four months old this week, so he got to eat rice cereal.  He downed it, no problem!  Then his Aunt gave him banana, and he loved that too!  FOOD!!!  It was super funny yesterday when I was eating a popsicle and he was eyeing it!  My dad was cracking up!  My baby can track, that's for sure!  He wanted that popsicle!

My kids are adorable, even when they're not being awesomely behaved.
Here's the picture dump from this last week.

 Ben meeting Janette Rallison
 Amazing sunset
 4 months old
 He ate his bib and sucked his fingers between bites!
 Josh wanted to help!
So did Cecilia!

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