Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fun kids

Josh is totally a momma's boy.  It surprises me, because he is so big on the men in his life!  But, he is absolutely adorable, until about ten when I start desperately wanting to go to bed.  He wants to sit on my lap on "this side" (usually the left leg).  He wants "last one book," about six times.  We have a dinner ritual where everyone tells us at least one happy thing.  Ben's is usually telling a story.  Kira's always different.  Emma and Leah's are usually something about school and the dinner being good.  Cecilia's is usually something from long ago that she pretends happened today or from her imaginary school or it sounds like a prayer.  Josh usually says car.  Once he said me and I was very excited.  Well, a couple nights ago, we're going around and we get to him.  He doesn't say anything, so we start guessing (it's what we do).
Josh:  No toys.
Your happy thing isn't toys?
Josh:  Trick you!  Happy, toys!
Yes, he did trick us and it was hilarious!
He's starting to talk more and in sentences.  I love it!  That little guy has quite the funny personality!  I see a Chris in the making (my hilarious little brother).  And he's so smart,  Today I was sleeping in, so I was still in bed and he starts bringing two of things.  One for me to open for him and one for me.  So smart.  I got breakfast in bed-2 string cheeses (one went to Cecilia) and a bag of Sunchips.
A few nights ago at dinner, someone made us laugh and Ben happened to be drinking at the time.  He choked a little and proceeded to cry that he felt like he was drowning.  Poor kiddo!  It was something that we had to get used to with Chris at the table, growing up.  Even now when we get together, seriously awesome times, because he is SOOOO funny!
My parents and my nephew Tony came again on Friday.  My poor Dad keeps trying to fix our van with no luck.  It's tough having one car and working so far away, and I sure appreciate all of the hard work and groceries! (Thanks Mom!)  I have the best parents ever!
I finally downloaded pictures.  I'm going to warn you that they aren't the best, but since I'm not a trained Professional, please don't expect the best.  I've taught myself everything I know.  I just look for the beauty and take pictures.  So, sorry if I found beauty where others don't.  I love to take pictures, and I love to share them.  I'm working on not taking pictures of anyone but my immediate family and class kids, so that way I don't have to hear about my bad pictures.  I was pretty miserable for a couple weeks about it.  But, I'm a lot better now!  :)  I set up the tripod to take our family picture, which isn't horrible, but we had twenty minutes on the only warm day this week, so that's my excuse.  Anyway, here is the picture dump.
 Most of my kids have worn this Halloween costume, I think it started with Emma?
 All of my kiddos wanted to take a picture with "hot stuff."
 This face cracks me up!

 My favorite of the tripod ones.
 Samuel loved the leaves!
 But he really loved the car!

 She loves flowers and bugs!
 With her beautiful teeth
 Getting groceries with my mom and Tony.  Those boys are absolutely adorable together!
 Closeups of some of the bows I made last night
 Samuel loves the extra morning time with Mom on weekends!
 Samuel and his first snow
All the bows I made last night.  Ben was helping me make the silk flowery ones (on the far left) and loved them so much he wanted one of his own, to wear on his lapel.  Which he totally put it on his pocket and wore it to church.  It works!  I was making bows for Leah's friend's birthday.  I always go big or go home.  So, 25 bows later, I'm feeling a lot better!

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