Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas is coming!

The Christmas Season is upon us!  Kira (and my students) had the big Christmas Concert at school.  I made 25 Christmas bows for my girls (and now my boys want bow ties).  It was fantastic, because my parents and one of my sisters came!  We love being close to family!  Then on Friday was our Church Christmas Party and Kira had a solo!  She did great!  My family came for that too!  I love that they're willing to drive an hour and a half for a half hour performance!  Then on Saturday we went down to my family.  While we were there my dad fell, like straight down and hit his head.  Yikes!  That threw everything off, so I got nothing done in the house.  They're needing to move sooner, since my dad can't handle the stairs.  So, we'll be going down as often as possible!  I also started going to a meeting in order to help me deal with all that's going on.  So, here's hoping that goes okay.
The older kiddos and I went to the big Creche Exhibit and it was great!  Then tonight we got to listen to a Christmas Devotional as we put up our Christmas tree!  It's so exciting seeing it up!  The kids were pretty excited too!  Now to make it through this next week!  My 3rd graders will be performing their compassion play (3 scenes that I wrote).  We're all healthy and Christmas is coming!  I love this time of year, because I love giving presents and since we have no budget for presents, I get to be super creative!  It's super fun!  I sold Christmas tree bows to our lunch ladies, so I had money for the teacher Secret Santa and I'm making stuff for the teacher and classroom presents, so fun times!  I really need to get to work!
Picture dump, and I have no explanation for the weird order they're in.

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