Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas

Since I had no budget for Christmas presents, I asked the kids if I could make them a quilt.  They all agreed and put in their requests.  I've finished all but Ben's dragon one.  So, in two weeks I've made six quilts, plus a taggie toy (for Samuel), using only the fabric I have.  I was pretty excited, since I'm no seamstress and I'm still learning how to sew!  I figured this would be great practice!
 Cecilia's flower quilt
 Samuel's taggie toy
 This is Emma's.  She requested a regular quilt and I had bought this quilt topper for $5 this summer!
 Josh's car
 Leah's butterfly

 Kira's owl

 Four of my kiddos with their blankets
And I whipped one up for my sister using her wedding colors!

It's been a great week with lots of blessings and family time!

 Holiday Funfetti pancakes and eggs for brunch!
 He loved his pancake!
 He fell asleep from all of the excitement!
Two of my sisters came into town that afternoon and we had IHOP for dinner.  It was so yummy that I'm still desperately wanting more!  They had pumpkin cheesecake, raspberry white chocolate and caramel bonbon.  Seriously delicious!  $5 for 4 pancakes is a little pricey though.  I can buy the raspberry and white chocolate chips and make my own (a lot of them) for about the same price.  I've tried making pumpkin pancakes before and they were okay, but not great.
We made divinity on Saturday!  I made regular, pecan, and butter mint.  It turned out pretty well!  The kids were super excited!  It was just like I remembered as a kiddo!  I'm trying very hard to make new traditions with my kiddos (and bring back some old traditions)!  Good times!  Yesterday was the Foreman Christmas/Bill's birthday Celebration, so we had yummy food, plus King Cake!  It was great!  We all got presents and that was super fun too!  I really love spending time with my family!
 My sweet little men with their Mamaw!
 Sam helping Samuel!
 Most of the crew
He really wanted to roll around in the wrapping paper!  So, I let him.  For about a minute.
Now we have New Year's coming up and then back to work on Friday.  I'm going to enjoy time with my kiddos until then!

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