Sunday, December 14, 2014

We "met" Elsa

To end a pretty crazy week (it's December, so it's CRAZY at school and at home), I brought my kids to meet "Elsa."  You know a lady with long blond hair that was braided in an Elsa dress.  I was happy, the kids were happy.  They each got a Frozen wand, popcorn and a balloon wand or snowman, and some popcorn for free, so they were all pretty happy campers!  Samuel loved Elsa!  Everyone had no problem taking pictures with her (although I thought it was strange that we didn't just do the whole crew at once).  We took a picture with Anna too!  The kids are in love with US Toy now, very smart of them.  I figured it would be a madhouse, but it was super laidback.  We had a great time and then headed to my family's house.  We met together as a group after a fun lights tour, and skyped with the Idaho part of the family.  It was fun talking, but the subject matter was no fun!  I'm glad the kids got to experience a true family council though!  My girls are loving my recent fascination with Christmas tree braids and the ones I did today are even better than my first set yesterday, so I have high hopes that I'll be even better by the last day of school this week!  I have so much to do!  Picture drop:

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