Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love was in the air...

Ben went on the 6th grade field trip snowtubing.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried.  I'm working harder this week on giving my older kids a little more room.  So Ben got to go on a field trip with no parents and his para kept me up to date and sent me videos (I love her)!  I let Kira walk down to a friend's house so her friend could get her flute and the girls could practice together (back at the school, I'm not letting go that much)!  Yesterday I let Kira go into two stores by herself (I had a whole bunch of sleeping kids in the car)!  She was so excited!  She's already looking forward to driving.  Gasp!  I'm a helicopter parent, but I'm trying!
The kids had a fabulous Valentine's Day!  They got a sweethearts box from me (my dad's tradition lives on) and they got a ton from my generous family!  Each got a stuffy with their initial button sewn on a foot, candy and valentines.  My Dad got me an owl necklace!  I love it!  He wanted to do something big, in case this was his last Valentine's Day.  I'll probably wear it every day!  Other than my original wedding ring (which is long gone), it's probably the nicest piece of jewelry I'll own!
My family watched my kiddos (plus they got to play with cousins) while Scott, Samuel and I went out.  I took him to the pet store he's been dying to see and then Harbor Freight and the Temple.  Great times!
My kiddos also got a gecko for Valentine's Day!  They're pretty excited!
I did my kids' Valentine pictures today, since I had put it off.  Enjoy!

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