Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kira's first Daddy Daughter Date

Samuel is up to 4 teeth, and I'm pretty sure that he'll have at least two more in the next couple weeks.  He stood by himself for at least twenty seconds today!  I was getting dinner ready when Kira yelled for me to look and there he was, standing all by himself!  So grown up!  He's nine months old today!
 I love the slow mornings when we can play in bed!
Look how tall he is!
Josh loves his little brother!  Sometimes too much!  If Samuel cries, Josh is on it.  I can't let Samuel cry it out, because Josh will get into his crib with him and play with him.  I think it's sweet though!

See?  So sweet!  I didn't even ask for them to do this!

Cecilia is having a rough time being 4.  She wants everything she wants now.  There's no talking her out if it and plenty of crying if she doesn't get exactly what she wants.  It's hard when you're not able to be spoiled rotten.

Leah is learning a lot at school and getting better at sight words!  I love when she's reading scriptures at night and learns random big words!  It's awesome!

Emma is still doing great at school!  She loves it!  She's also incredibly nosy, but that helps her learn that much faster!

Kira had to miss Friday due to being sick.  But, felt much better by Saturday and had lots of fun at the Daddy Daughter Activity.  First they had pasta for dinner and sit with name cards.  They played a jacket relay using a military jacket.  They were the yellow team.  After that they played Button, button who's got the button.  They won a candy bouquet for guessing on the first try.  (As did all the dads)  The Dads did their daughter's hair next.  Pretty funny results!  They danced at the end.  They got prizes and came home.  Kira said her dad's a professional and she is not.  I'm hoping to add pictures of the actual event (I wasn't there).
Before Kira's first date
 The front of her hair
 And the back
 They're still pretty happy together.

Ben was sick on Thursday, and told me his stomach hurt and he had no energy,  That's pretty crazy, so I had him stay home.  Apparently he was fine by afternoon, so Scott took him shopping for camping gear.  They got the things that Ben needed for his very first overnight campout.  Ben was fine on Friday, so he was ready to go camping.  Scott went with him in order to help him out.  The real campout was cancelled, due to freezing rain, but they were able to camp out in cabins on base instead.  So much better!  Ben had nightmares and Scott got the prize for his constant snoring, but all was well!  I was so relieved!  If there were any pictures, I would post them.  

And my kids were being super cute, so I took more pictures!

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