Sunday, July 12, 2015

Happy Birthday to Josh!

It's been a fun week!  I went down to Emporia on Tuesday and looked at some options for us to rent and turned in paperwork for my new job.  I took the older van and it sounded horrible, so I didn't do much either than that!  I really like one of them, so we turned in our application for that one!  We're still waiting to hear back!  I was able to go have dinner with some awesome friends!  It's been a long time!
Wednesday I got to go to McLouth and get my last paychecks!  I loved it there, but I'm excited about my new school "home!"
Thursday Scott was down south for a lot of the day, so he got to hang out with my family and visit his garden at my parents' house.
Friday we went and had a "playdate" with one of my friends and her kids.  It's always fun to see friends!  My kids have been asking when they could hang out, so it was great to be able to tell them!
Afterwards we were able to spend time with my family!  Always my favorite times!  We even ate Chinese-yum!
Saturday we spent time with another friend and her kids until we had to leave, so I could go to my baby sister's church baby shower.  My mom, sisters, and I went over for that.  They came back with us and I was able to take some family pictures where we did their maternity pictures real fast and then went back to prep for Josh's birthday "party."
I frosted the cake, and it really wasn't awesome, but he was happy!  We ate tacos and then had cake and ice cream.  Josh loved his birthday presents! The play dough came to church with us and they're playing with it right now!  He got a bath car track and a lot of the kids were willing to take baths to play with it!  Josh and Samuel played with it last night and then today Leah, Cecilia, and Josh played with it!  Perfect!
Today is actually Josh's 3rd birthday, so he got yummy pancakes for breakfast!  He ate an apple right before church.  Then he had string cheeses while waiting for dinner.  He's a happy camper!  I'm happy, because he's been wearing underwear all day!  He made it through church and then had an accident at home, but it's awesome!

She fell asleep!

 So sweet!

 Even Scott helped with the ramp!

 He blew out the candles before the song was over!

My little man is 3!

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