Sunday, July 26, 2015

We move next week!

Looking around, it's hard to tell, but we're moving in five days!  Crazy!  We now have a place in Emporia and have already paid and got our keys!  I brought some stuff to my classroom too.  Our kids are pretty excited about the new house!  I'm super excited to be back in Emporia.  I love Leavenworth, but we all loved Emporia and have great memories there!
We've been packing, but mainly decluttering.  It's always fun to get rid of all the extras, so we're not moving too much stuff.  Especially stuff we're not using!  With seven kids it's easy to get a lot of stuff.
We've had some sickness going around, so we haven't done a lot.  I've been snuggling my little guys a lot.  We haven't been sleeping well at night.  I think our kids have noticed all the boxes, and since we move every year, they know how it works.  I can't wait until we are able to stay someplace longer than two years!  I know my kids are ready to settle down and stay somewhere!
We'll see if I can post next week.  I don't know how the internet situation is going to go!

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