Sunday, July 19, 2015

Still no place yet

I've been taking the kids out (for the most part, one at a time) this week.  Kira and I hung out on Monday.  We went to the bank and to my parent's house.  I got to hang out with my dad while my mom did errands.  My Mamaw and Aunt and cousin came from Louisiana for a few days, so we spent a little time with them before we headed to The Cokeville Miracle.  It was great!  We got popcorn and a banana Icee (YUM)!

I saw a lot of people I know, since this is the only showing of this movie in this area.
Tuesday was Leah's day and we tried to get our car taken care of.  We went to try and get it inspected here, and no dice-we need the original paper (that they didn't give to us).  Then we had to drive all the way there for the paper and it wasn't ready, so they had us go get lunch.  We had lunch and it still wasn't ready.  We finally got the paper and went to get it inspected close to there.  I was pretty much done for the day with all of the nastiness, so I introduced Leah to retail therapy and we wandered Ikea and finally found what we were looking for,  I think Leah has a whole Christmas list from there now. We went home and she was super disappointed that we didn't go by my parents' house.
Wednesday was swimming at my sister's house and hanging out with my family!
Thursday was a day with Josh and Cecilia.  We headed south.  I was able to check out my new classroom, get my keys and my work computer!  My kiddos loved the bathroom around the corner!
Then we went to look at houses.  The first one was tiny, so that one's a no go.  The second one we all loved and are super hoping to get!  They're having a hard time getting information from our old landlord.  Stink.  The other house that we liked last week went to someone else.  If we don't get this one, we're stuck with whatever we can get.  Totally not my favorite.  Either it would be expensive with not enough room, or tiny with not enough room.  We got ice cream and headed back.  I was excited for the Do-it-herself workshop at Home Depot!  It's every third Thursday from 6:30-8pm.  This time was a storage ottoman and I was the only one there, so I did most of the building and then I got to keep it, for free!  My kids love it so much that they've already broke off the hinges on the lid.  No surprise there,  I still want to make four more!  I don't think I want them all to be wheeled though.
Friday was Girls' Night Out with one of my best friends and two of my sisters.  We ate at KC Joe's (another Z-man, yum) and then headed to the movie.  I was super excited, because I used for the first time!  I got $60 in vouchers for $36!  That got us four movie tickets, a large popcorn, two icees and a bottled water!  With $1.38 to spare.  New favorite website before going to a movie (which really doesn't happen very often)!  Then my sisters headed out and my friend and I wandered Target until after ten.  It was fantastic!  We hardly ever get to hang out together!
Saturday was another day at my parents' house.  Scott worked for his mom for a little while and I got to help take care of my dad!  I was able to feed him a few times and helped him get upstairs (my mom does all of the heavy lifting), and help a little with the bedtime stuff (I get to pulverize his pills before going into the feeding tube).  I'm learning.

 Leah rocking her new toy from Sonic
 I love to see the Temple!  This was Tuesday night!
 The baby doll bed I built from IKEA!
 My kiddos at the pool, Scott and Samuel were elsewhere, so I kept only counting to six, and it drove me a little crazy!
 Mandy taking Josh to "The Deepness," you know 5 feet deep.
 Josh loves trains and I love sunsets.  
 My classroom
 Brand new Smart board!
 My students' desks, I'm getting a few more!

 The storage ottoman "I" made.
 Here's the inside!
 I know, we're a beautiful crew!
Cousins sneaking the last of the cake!

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