Sunday, August 23, 2015

Prepping for the first day of school

 Bows I made for the oldest girls.  I still need to do the centers!
 Josh loves these lensless glasses!  It cracks me up!
 He loves his momma!  I love the snuggles!
 6:30 runs mean lots of sunrise pictures!
 After their first cross country run!

 My hall bulletin board!  The eyes have been darkened in since then!
 Cecilia is quite the nail painter!
 The younger kids wanted to go running too!  
 Sleeping so sweet!
 Everyone eating together at the Staff social on Friday night.  It was awesome!
 Even Samuel likes the glasses!
 I was holding my niece and Samuel came to talk to her!  It was super cute!  Even cooler (although not documented) was Josh walking up when she was crying and immediately started rubbing her head and she stopped crying!  Fantastic!

Today after church they offered to take a nap from me.  So, we all snuggled up and I went to sleep.  They went to play, silly boys!

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