Sunday, August 16, 2015

Preschool open house

We're getting more acclimated to our new house and getting more done!  Hurray!  Then we got good/bad news:  we all have insurance, but Scott-the most expensive of our bunch.  Now we have to figure out how to pay for all of his meds and appointments.  Good times.
We were able to feed both sets of Missionaries this week!  Wednesday was crazy with me going into work for a few hours and then feeding the Sisters.  Right after they left, we went to Josh and Cecilia's open house.  They didn't want to leave!  Their teacher is awesome!  Then we headed to church to drop off Ben and Kira went to her church activity.  Gotta love Wednesday night craziness!  The kids all had a great time-Ben went swimming and Kira was partying.
Thursday was our pj day this week.  We got the house cleaner and got more unpacked.
Friday I spent most of the day at work, getting my classroom looking much better!  I have almost all of the books put away now (in a deep cabinet) and the reading nook started.  The tables look great, but need name tags.  I now have my class list-only 18 students!  Woohoo!  I even mostly finished the bulletin board!  It just needs owls with the kids' names on them!  I was there late, but totally worth it for all I got done!
Saturday was at my family's house.  Scott worked for his mom and I worked for my mom and dad.  I help clean and hang out with my dad while my mom and Uncle get a break.  They totally need frequent breaks!  Today was super hard, but we'll see how next week goes!

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