Sunday, August 9, 2015

Six kids registered

Samuel is the only one not going to school!  Cecilia and Josh will be going to half day Preschool.  Leah will be in first grade, Emma will be in second, Kira will be in sixth and Ben will be in seventh,  Kira and Ben will be doing sports.  We started running this week in order to prep them for Cross Country, which will start running soon.  I want them to have at least a couple week head start!  I ran with them the first day, which meant they went very slow.  The next day I rode Scott's bike (mine has  a flat tire on the front) and they were sad that they had to go so much faster.  Then Scott biked with them, because I wasn't feeling well.  We're on our way!
I'm super excited to get in my classroom.  I only went one day and got some done (including getting everything in there) and putting the desks where I wanted them.  Kira was helping me and we got textbooks in all of the desks.  So, I felt like something was better.  I have a long way to go and lesson planning to do too!  I'm still nailing down the classroom theme.  I can't decide.  I really want bright colors.  I also have a lot of owl stuff, so I'll probably do those as well.
Our house is slowly getting unpacked.  It's small, but divided up very nicely.  The girls are all unpacked.  We're still working on the boys.  Our room is mostly unpacked too.  It's all of the books that are causing a problem, everywhere.  We need ten more bookshelves.  Two for my classroom.  It's so hard to get rid of good books. I'm going to make books a prize in my classroom, so my kids can earn books to take home. That way I'm helping them read good books and destashing my awesome amount of books.
Kira has been working hard babysitting and earning money, so she bought a guinea pig yesterday that she named Clara.  She loves her!  She's already wanting to save money for another guinea pig!
Picture dump:
 My classroom
 My lack of bookshelves
 Dragonfly at the park
 Kiddos not napping that went to the park

 I got creative and he didn't like it.
 Kira's first time with her locker
 Ben being talked through his locker combination.
 He's so excited he can fold his tongue in half!  His papaw can do it still too!
 The fun strawberry sundae cookies we made.
 Emma made me this great heart!
Cousin love!

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