Sunday, September 6, 2015

Busy week

Josh finally got over his staph infection on his face and was able to go to school for the first time on Monday.  He's picked up the routine pretty fast and is doing great!  He loves eating breakfast and lunch at school!  It means that I get to eat lunch with Scott and Samuel everyday too.  :)  I was early picking him up (because I'm on lunch the same time as him) and I got to see him finish his food and then clean off his plate and put the dishes where they belong.  He's getting so big!  Now to potty train again!

Ben and Kira had their first Cross Country meet!  Since they're middle school, they get to go first and only have to run a mile!  Kira ran in 9:11 and Ben in 9:46.  Kira was mad that Ben was that close.  Ben even stopped and walked at the end (as I was taping), it was heartbreaking, because he was crying and he was right there at the end!
 At the beginning
 Kira in the middle
 Ben in the middle
 After they were done
 Sharing water with Samuel
 I love that she's modest!
A great smile!
On Saturday we drove up to see our niece baptized!  It was great!  We had a blast hanging out with family afterwards!  Our kids love their house and yard!  Josh had a blast chasing ducks and chickens!  Leah actually held a duck!  So much fun!

We also did a mini photo session with sunflowers on the way home!  I'm getting Emma's baptism invites ready!  Hurray!

 My cute little pirate!  Poor kiddo got poked in the eye!
With my handsome husband, whose birthday it is today!

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