Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fun in service

We are working on being more service-oriented outside of our home.  I feel that my kids understand service, but aren't very good at branching out!  So, last night after having lots of fun with my family and my husband's, we headed to the church and pulled weeds out of rocks.  We were only able to do it for an hour (it got dark), but we got a lot done!  Then we played a game, that didn't go as well.  We had two kids crying after the first round and went home.  Hide-and-go-seek just isn't as much fun when you can find the criers (that and I wanted to get them cleaned up).  Poor kiddos!
Today after church, we had the opportunity to go and help put rubber mulch under the playground equipment at our school (for the preschoolers' new playground).  Now they'll finally be able to play!  It looks fantastic!  Many hands make light work, and we have plenty of hands!
We went home and got ready to head over to a family's house to celebrate her birthday.  Now this girl is amazing and I love her!  She is the first girl to get and keep Ben's attention.  He has no idea what to do with it, but he certainly tries!  He made her her very own dragon-Draga.  Turns out, she loves dragons!  A few years ago when we moved away, he informed me that I'd have to drive him back to date her.  Now, it won't be a long drive!  :)
Otherwise, school is going well.  Ben and Kira have dropped their mile times!  We're still not sure about Ben's time, but Kira went from 9:11 to 7:23 and Ben actually ran the end of the race!  Woohoo!  They have been working hard (Kira more than Ben, he really doesn't care).
We all enjoyed the big parade on Saturday and it was great spending time with both families!
 Cinnamon rolls I made from scratch
 Waiting for the parade
 Super excited it started!
 Josh loved the fire truck!

 Scott and Cecilia were TIRED!  Samuel kept trying to wake them up!
 Pulling weeds
 Putting down weed fabric and rubber mulch
 Proof that Ben and Emma helped.

 See how awesome it looks now!?!
Ben and Aurora-love them!  I'm hoping that they don't figure things out for at least three years!

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