Sunday, July 31, 2016

End of Summer Already

I feel like this month has flown by!  I had all of these "big" plans to do fun things with my kids and get my house cleaner.  Yeah.  I have been able to spend lots of time with my kids!  We've been going on walks/runs and hanging out together, so I gave them quality time.  I especially enjoyed sleeping in with my baby boy!  He's always so excited to see me when he wakes up!  I love those smiles!  We're still working on getting the new house, so we've been doing LOTS of paperwork!  Scott's been working too, so he's had a break from being the stay-at-home Dad!  We've enjoyed the Zoo, the Park, our cool house, my Mom's house, and next week, the Pool (I hope)!  We even got to see my sister-in-law and her family for a little while yesterday!  (I didn't take pictures, because I know my pictures aren't that great and I didn't want to hear about it later.  I just enjoyed the moments instead!)  We've been to Pome on the Range a couple of times and got fresh fruit and apple cider slushies!  Maybe we haven't done anything exciting, but we've worked hard on being a better family!  Totally worth it!

 IHOP's Pancake sale
 Ben needed a whole breakfast platter

 Josh wanted a gum birthday cake.

 He was exhausted at the end of his special day!
 How we made snow cone syrup.  We got water bottles and boiled the water with lots of sugar!
 Then we added the snow cone syrup concentrate after it cooled and shook it up!

 Then we had 14 different flavors of snow cone syrup for under $25!
 My kids love Pokemon Go!

 Before dentist appointments
 Samuel did a fantastic job with the work on his teeth!  He even fell asleep!
 He loves his new car bed (It was $30)!
 On a long bike ride
 My rainbow snowcone using our syrups!
 Using the new wave curlers.  They work great if you leave them in a loooong time!
 Yummy dessert pizza slices at the Pizza Ranch for my birthday!  Thanks Mom!
 My mom, sisters, niece and I
 Isn't my niece adorable?
 At Midnight Madness on my birthday!

 I went back with Scott after my mom and sisters left.
 We made our own book letters!  So far, we've done a K, L, C and EC (for Leah's friend).
 After the mile Pioneer Run.  I was first!
 Kira did the 3 mile!  In 49 minutes.
 Most of the runners.
 On the way to the Royals game
 In the parking lot
 At the game

 Look at this happy baby!  Not when people were cheering!

 Our group, not including Kim, who rocks and kept taking one of my kids to sit with her down lower!
 After she had the styrofoam pellet taken out of her ear.  She couldn't hear for a week!
 Josh had one too.

 We made peanut butter fudge.
 At the Zoo

 On our super long run/walk

 Date night
 Walk with Emma

Kira after the fun baptism and family time.  We were looking at our going to be new house.

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