Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 6th of July!

We ended up going to my dad's classroom for the 4th. Hurray! They got back with plenty of time. We had an awesome view of the fireworks in Corporate Woods! So, Leah got to see her very first set of fireworks! She was absolutely interested and wasn't scared, since the windows blocked most of the loudness! Even Emma kept saying, "Wow!" She's talking so much better! Little by little! It's actually cute when she says, "No!" It's too bad we got home at 11 and then had to go through Kira's bags to find stuff. I got to bed about 12:30, yikes! But Emma slept all night!

Yesterday I enjoyed seeing an old friend at church! I miss the 3rd Ward! I talked to Julia for about 10 minutes and still didn't miss any of Relief Society! Then after church I spent at least an hour making potato salad. It turned out well! Emma had a small bowl's worth right after I finished it, so she thought it was good! We got to go to a really fun get-together after I finished the food. We all went to Shannon's house and saw old friends! Most of us have kids, so we spent a lot of time chasing kids and trying to talk. Scott and I swapped off, so we got to do some talking. It was great being with other adults!

I totally want to have a get-together on my birthday, but I don't want it to be a birthday party. So, I was thinking about having a Swap shop/Game night. That way I have something fun to do on my birthday! And how great would it be to save money by swapping good stuff! I'm still working on the idea!

Leah is so cute! I got her all dressed up today and she's so cute, not that my other kids aren't. I'll be adding more pictures onto my slideshow!
Kira's picture is from Louisiana and she's holding a baby alligator (about 3 or 4 years old)! Crazy!

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