Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Looong day!

Oh my goodness, what a full day! And, of course, almost everything had to happen today! Luckily, Ben's surgery is tomorrow or we would have had all kinds of problems! So, I had to wake up "early," feed the baby and get both Emma and I ready to go. I went to my mom's house and picked up My sister-in-law and her mom to take her to her Doctor's appointment in KC. She had to have an in-depth ultrasound. We were way early and they were way nervous! Turns out her regular doctor was using the wrong due date, and freaking out everyone for no reason! Her baby is a little small, but it's not that big of a deal! So, good news there! On the way back I put a check in the bank, also good news! Then I got to wait for Emma to come back and we went home. My mom so kindly lent us the money for registration! After lunch, Scott took Emma and Kira to the dentist. They LOVED it! Jenkins and Leblanc are excellent! They got balloons, stickers, a new toothbrush and toothpaste! Kira loved watching some of a movie, since we're not allowing the tv on for this week, and playing a video game! Emma's teeth are fantastic and Kira needs 10 cavities taken care of, which will happen in 3 appointments. Fun! I'm sure she'll be thrilled! Really! While they were gone, Ben started pacing like crazy! He did clean the living room and his bedroom and said he did his chores! What a great kid! He spoiled it by cutting his own hair. Like buzz cut short on the front left half of his head! Should look fantastic with him going into surgery tomorrow to get all of his teeth fixed! Yikes! So, Scott gets back with the girls and I take Kira with me to the school and get my kids registered and Kira signed up for her Kindergarten screening. Then we went to Wal-Mart and got the rest of the school supplies, plus some comfort items for Ben to take with him to surgery! I'm so glad they moved the surgery up a week so I can be there! When I asked him what he wanted to take with him to the hospital, he replied, "My mom!" I'll get to be there! Next week I had to go to the bus driver safety meeting, so I wouldn't have been there! Anyway. I came home, washed dishes and made dinner. Then I stood in line for a meeting and got $25 for my effort (gas money to last us, hopefully). I came home, helped put the kids to bed, fed the baby, and sent Scott off to his late night meeting. What a day! I'm glad everything has went so well!

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  1. I got tired just reading that!! I hope all goes well with Ben's surgery!