Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another day bites the dust

Man! Emma's age is wearing me out! I really don't like the phase of not needing sleep! She woke up at 1am this morning, then wanted to get into bed with me. She had had a nightmare, so I understood the want. But, when she didn't go back to sleep in the next hour, I began to rethink my position. She wanted to go potty, so I took her and had to change her diaper. She tried everyone's bed out, and decided she still wanted in mine. I was exhausted and cranky at this point. She took her diaper off (that was the last one upstairs) and wanted to go potty again. Now, mind you, she didn't go potty the first time, just sat there. So, I just put her in her room and let her cry it out. I was so tired! Obviously, because when she woke me up, she smelled. I forgot to put a new diaper on her! Whoops! Oh well!
I was tired this morning, so my kids got their fill of Saturday morning cartoons, while Scott went to a baptism. What a mess! I had them help me clean up some. My determination to leave the tv off all week next week has been cemented! I'm actually excited! Then, after the week without any tv, I'll let them earn screen time with doing their chores. I'm tired of being the only one who cleans! I'm doing a huge cleanup this week and that will make it easier on the kiddos the week after. Funnily enough, while watching cartoons, they saw a commercial for the new Swivel Sweeper and both Ben and Kira want one. I think they're pretty cool too! Especially if it encourages my kids to clean! If I had the $50, I would totally do it!
Anyway, we went over to my parents' house as soon as Scott got home and everyone was ready. I was so excited to see Kim! It's always nice to visit with my family too! We ended up getting to see the new Harry Potter movie today! Hurray! I've been wanting to see it for a week now! It was Bill, Laura, Kim, Sam, Leah and I that went. It was pretty good! I got back too late to consider going to the Ward BBQ. Oh well. So, I watched a few Hannah Montanas that I had recorded on my parents' DVR, so they have a little more space! I really like most of the Disney Channel shows. They're clean! And somewhat humorous. Some shows more than others! It's nice being able to watch shows with my kids!
So, now Emma is wide awake and not wanting to sleep. Ugh! What a funny kiddo! Hopefully, she won't be cranky at church tomorrow!

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