Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ben, Ben, Ben

After surgery
At the hospital

After his haircut

Before his haircut

Today was a day for Ben! I had to wake up at 6:30 this morning to get him medicated and fed before 7. Luckily, he was up in the Living Room, so it was pretty easy. He ate so slow that he only got to eat 2 oranges for breakfast! Then I had to keep a constant eye on him to keep him from eating anything! He tried to sneak some mac and cheese and later a twizzler. Poor kid, it's hard to understand that he couldn't eat before his surgery! I also buzzed his head, since he cut his hair so short! My sisters and sister-in-law came over, and we all went on a walk to keep him distracted for awhile. I took some pictures of him. Sort of a before surgery photo shoot. Of course, I got pictures of everyone. We got back 15 minutes too late for him to drink any water, so then I had to make sure that he didn't try and drink anything, and I felt so bad for him! We all wanted popsicles, so I made whomever was eating them stay in the kitchen, so as not to torment him! Kim came back and watched Kira and Emma while we took Ben and Leah with us.

We made it there in good time and got a pretty good parking spot. I got to read with Ben a whole lot. He really wanted me there and I'm so glad I got to be there! I held him when he was supposed to be falling asleep from the medicine they gave him, but, no. He was still wide awake when they put him on the bed and started rolling him away from us. They let us tell him goodbye and then were off. Right on time! About an hour later we were told that everything went fine. He had 5 teeth pulled, some crowns put on, some fillings and three spacers put in! They're fast! Then we had to wait for him to wake up and when they finally came to get us, of course I was feeding my baby. Little awkward... Either way, he was excited to see us! He told me that he had been crying for me and his dad. He was still out of it, but was glad to let me sit and hold him while he started waking up more. He gladly drank some Sprite they gave him. He was so thirsty! I felt so bad for him when I saw his mouth! Wow! He no longer has top front teeth! I'm glad that they were able to do everything though! He really wanted the IV out (he called it a "Stick." The Nurse also told me that he told her he wanted to be a Pokemon master trainer when he grew up. (I doubt it pays well.) He was pretty silly, but not more than usual. He got a shirt that said he had a surgery at Children's Mercy. And he got to ride in a wagon out to the car, since he was "under the influence." He didn't want to leave, he wanted to stay there! So, he was crying about getting out of the wagon and into our car. That made me sad! But, we stopped by Hy-Vee and I got him all kinds of foods and popsicles to eat. Which is good, because he was starving! He went after the popcorn the girls had left on the floor! In a bowl, mind you. So, Scott had to take that away. Then we let him have real food, because obviously he was up for it. He ate a ton of strawberries, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, half a can of ravioli with meatballs, a little Golden Cakester, and a few popsicles right after he got home. Poor kid was starving! Of course, so were Scott and I, since we weren't allowed to eat or drink the whole time either! Not as much as him! I was perfectly okay with letting him help himself! What a good kid! Luckily, Kim took Kira with her when she left, so everyone got along just fine! Kira really enjoys beating Ben when he's down, and since he was just out of surgery, I'm glad he got a break! I was really wishing I hadn't sworn off of tv for the week! But, we made it! And Ben seems to be doing fantastic, though I did make sure and give him more Ibruprofen before bed, just to make sure! We're so lucky!

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