Monday, May 23, 2011

Laura's Baptism

My sister-in-law, Laura got baptized Saturday night, so the kids and I went up to Olathe Saturday morning!  We got to spend time with family, which was fantastic!  I am very excited that Laura made this choice, all on her own, so that they could have an eternal family!  That's a great goal!  It was a very spiritual service, and we all cried as we sang, "Families Can Be Together Forever," because we can!  We can all be sealed together as a family!  What great news!  Here's one of the pictures I took beforehand. 
 With all the Missionaries that taught her
And here's my other sister-in-law, Melissa, multi-tasking (holding onto my cute little chunker).

We had a very interesting Saturday night.  Scott called as we were eating cookies and cupcakes after the baptism.  He let me know a tornado had touched down in Emporia and he was in the basement.  I can say that my heart was beating pretty fast at that!  Yikes!  So, I told him to call me when the sirens stopped going off.  About 30 minutes later he called back and all was well!  Phew!  I had decided to stay the night, because the bad weather was going right up I-35, and I really didn't want to risk my or my children's lives.  Chris and Melissa took Ben to their house, because "Sometimes you have to adapt to things."  I ended up having to take my girls all to the Basement one at a time.  There was just a little bit of hail, thankfully!  And everyone (Mandy and Kim) arrived home safely from the Singles dance!  Ben did great at Chris' house!  He slept all night and ate almost all of the bacon Chris cooked!  Wow!
We went to Laura's ward to be with her as she received the gift of the Holy Ghost and go to class with her.  That was fun, since I am in Nursery and haven't been able to go to class in awhile (which is fine)!  I love my Nursery kiddos, so I don't mind.  I just enjoyed the break from normal.  I really enjoyed seeing friends again!  I miss my friends in Olathe!  I hope we can move back there for my student teaching!
We were able to spend time with most of the family (Sam's in Idaho), which was great!  We did VZo Sam.  So we got to see her too!
We headed home after bedtime, so the kids slept.  I talked to Scott most of the way.  It helps keep me entertained!  And we made it home to start the craziness that is the kids' last days of school and me starting school today!  Aaahhh!!!!

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