Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Semester

Woohoo!  I got my grades back for today and I managed to get an A, an A-, 2 B's and a Pass.  Hurray!  The fact that I did so well with having just had a baby says a few things:  My husband and Ashli are awesome!  Usually Scott and I swap off, but there were a few times when he scheduled his appointments wrong, and Ashli helped us out!  That and the weekly Wednesday visits at her place helped me cope when I was stressed!  Thank you Ashli, you're awesome!  Scott passed all of his classes with at least a C too!  So, we should have celebrated tonight and didn't.  Maybe tomorrow (nope, Cub Scouts).  Hhhmmm...   Scott is also all signed up for BIS, so he'll be graduating in December.  I am so excited for him!  He's been in school off an on for a long time (as have I) and he's done.  I'm actually going to start working on my Master's now, so I can have my Special Ed certification (which is half of the Special Ed Master's).  Then I'll only have to do the other half after I finally get my Elementary Ed undergrad.  Then I teach for two years and I can start on my School Psych Master's or PhD.  I have a goal in sight, it's just far away!  I hope to finish that before Ben graduates high school!  Fun times!

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