Monday, June 13, 2011

More catching up

Once again, I have at least a week to catch up on!  Last weekend we were camping in Lee's Summit.  It was lots of fun (especially after we had the air mattresses aired up)!  It wasn't windy at all and was super hot, but completely worth it for the company and being able to be at Hailey's blessing!  Some pics from that:
I took a lot more pictures, but for some reason they're not showing up.  You'll just have to go to my June folder on Facebook.  Good times!  We came back on Monday with just enough time for me to do my homework and go straight to class.  But, we did it!  I made it through the last week of class and ended it with a 98% (too bad there are no A+s here)!  I also got good news that I won a $600 scholarship!  Then the next day I got an email that led to me finding out that my credit card number had been stolen.  And we had $578.40 taken.  So, the good news just barely outweighs the bad, but still good!  Kira is at my parents' house, so we are drama-less, but Leah stepped up her mess-making.  She's great at making messes!  I feel a new nickname coming on...

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