Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My pretties...

I was beyond excited when my mom said I could borrow her sewing machine while she looks at mine to see if she can fix it!  I got it on Saturday, and couldn't do anything with it on Sunday (but look at it longingly).  Monday we went to Wal-mart and got the material I wanted (pink zebra stripes satin).  I let the girls pick and luckily they picked the one I picked.  Phew!  It was $4 a yard and I got about three yards.  I had already bought the girls' shirts, so I was ready!  As soon as the kids went to sleep, I got to work!  I made t-shirt dresses using this tutorial, and then used the leftover t-shirt material to add flowers using this tutorial.  Mainly all you do is cut out at least six hearts, sew loosely up the middle, pull it tight and sew onto the fabric.  I came up with these dresses from those two!  I think they turned out amazing (especially considering what a novice I am at sewing)!

Um, yeah.  I'm very excited about using the different colored hearts on each and I saved enough to put on a shirt for me, so I can match too!  I have some satin left, but not quite enough to make a skirt.  Bummer!  So, I'll be thinking.  We'll see what I come up with!
I also made matching flowers!  I'm going to put Cecilia's on a headband, of course!  I also managed to sew them onto her black dress shoes.  CUTE!!!

Here's the result:

That's what I've been up to lately.  And I do mean late!  Need more sleep...  Notice Ben's tie...  That was me buying a cheap tie at the Thrift store, tearing it apart and using it as a pattern.
I did the same thing for Scott's tie, and for me I got a black skirt and put a ton of the silk flowers on it.  Then I used the girl's leftovers on my shirt.  I thought they turned out very well!

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