Friday, June 17, 2011

The Roller Coaster of Life

So, I keep being proven right (which is very nice).  I like to say that I handle big things/problems a lot better than small things.  And I can!  The past two days (and tomorrow) are Cub Scout Day Camp.  I had the opportunity to be one of the walk-in leaders (I am the Wolf Den Leader) for our boys.  They are some fun boys!  Each one is fantastic at something (if not more than one thing) and it has been a lot of fun getting to know our boys' personalities a little better!  Don't get me wrong, they are completely 8-11 year old boys and as such you can't take everything they do at face value, but they're all great kids!  I actually had a few of the boys fighting to push the stroller for me!  The look of extreme excitement on each boy's face the first time they caught a fish, got the bullseye with their arrow, popped a balloon, got a good score with the beebee gun, didn't break their egg in the egg drop and/or blew up a bottle rocket!  If only I could have caught every one of those expressions...  Here are some of my favorites:

As for the "big" things around here...  We've got the whole having to cancel our only debit cards, because of the thief.  It might take another week for us to get our new cards.  We have the kids waking up in the middle of the night and Leah falling down the stairs and bleeding (as Emma told us at about 3 this morning).  Scott took her to the ER and she ended up with only one stitch.  Scott says she did really well!

And the third thing is Cecilia has busted out her first tooth!  No wonder she's been having such a hard time sleeping (which is why I haven't gotten a full night's rest in a...while)!
And I'm doing fine with all of that and Day Camp.  But, I really need the day off tomorrow and Scott says he'll fill in!  I hope he can wake up in the morning!  I hope, I hope! 

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