Saturday, October 8, 2011


So, although it's been October for almost a week, I've been frantically trying to keep up.  Some days my five kiddos really are a "handful!"  Other days aren't a problem at all!  We got to go up to Olathe on Friday evening.  I made four shirts for birthday kiddos on Thursday night to prepare for all of the fun.  (Although two shirts went to a friend's kiddo).  I made a whole Birthday outfit for my niece, because I refuse to buy her toys (she has plenty)!  It turned out very well!  Hurray!
She really liked it!  She even wore it to IHOP later!  I hope it washes well!
I also made a tractor shirt for my nephew and he loved his too, see?
I love family!  We're so lucky to have big families that want to share celebrations with us!
This week I had a midterm almost everyday this week, except Monday when I had to teach (with a partner) our class about the Skeletal System, as they acted like first-graders.  There are some very good actors in our class...  But they liked all of the activities!  We did the Skeleton Dance, made Skeletoni and had a Skeleton Relay using the felt bones I velcroed to fabric!  Fun times!  I'm really looking forward to teaching the actual class!  On Friday I had lots of fun taking out my new backdrops and taking pictures after velcroing them up.  Woohoo!  I should probably upload those pictures.  Maybe later.  Today I got to shop for my kiddos and got a super awesome present for me-a triple jogging stroller!  Hurray!  I'm going to start running with my kiddos in the morning as I drop Ben and Kira off at school.  I can do it!  I need to lose a lot of weight and I desperately miss running!  Kira went with me to help close up the sale (it was one of those consignment sales)!  Poor kiddo had no idea what she was signing up for!  I was incredibly sore when I got home, but not so much anymore.  Phew!  If I get my bottom in gear, I'm going to make a healthy menu and actually plan before grocery shopping.  Ben has to do it for his Wolf, so I'm thinking that that will help!  I'm going to "Keep Moving Forward!"

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