Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting into the swing of things

This past week was the halfway mark of my school classes.  Craziness!  I feel like I'm getting into the swing of things.  Sadly, the swing of things is not getting enough sleep.  In all reality, enough sleep wasn't going to be an option with this cute little guy I have!  I'm excited I'm keeping up as well as I am, considering I leave the weekends for my family!  I've been trying to up my game and do a little better with my family and school, and I feel like I'm doing better with everything I learn.  I'm doing better about reading with my kids and helping Emma learn the alphabet (and we started work on sight words).  I'm living on HGTV/DIY Network at night, because I have to have noise to not freak myself out at night.  I'm totally one of those paranoid moms, because I know I have some awesome kiddos!  They're good-looking too!  I'm biased though.
Ben got another letter from his favorite person in the world-Aurora!  He's writing her back right now.  It's so cute!  One of his papers he brought home this week was a story that he wrote about Emporia and living there for two years. Whenever he is feeling down, he immediately gets mad at me for moving us away.  And he's the first one to tell me that he'll be dating Aurora when he turns 16!  He's making her a love creature-Cupidar.  So cute!  He wants it majestic looking too!  Earlier he was loading the dishwasher and Kira brought him in to show me his smile, because it was so cute (he was thinking about Aurora).  He did an awesome job at the Primary Program today too!  My mom says that he only sang when I was in there, and he was actually singing (I asked, although I thought he was)!  He said his part really well too!  I'm proud of my son!
Kira is doing much better on her spelling tests and loves that I know what she's working on in class, since our school district is pretty much set as to when they learn certain things and we're in the same school district and grade, so I know what's she is learning!  She does fantastic at doing her homework, I hardly ever have to remind her and she does most of it all on her own!  She's been reading a page every 2 minutes in her fairy book too!  She's getting faster!  I'm super proud of her!  She is doing great catching up from all the time she had problems reading, due to her needing glasses!  She is super sensitive, but really does do her best!  She loves learning to cook new things and get more responsibility, but doesn't like feeding Josh.  She kept asking me:  Can't you feed him?
Emma LOVES holding Josh!  She will play with him, try to entertain him, and give him a ton of hugs and kisses!  No doubt he feels loved!  Today I talked her through writing the rest of her last name.  She did awesome!  I love that all of her pictures are of people (and usually me).  She's so sweet!  Last night she got a fortune cookie that said:  Do unto others as you would have done unto you.  She asked what it meant and I let her know that she shouldn't pester her siblings or they'll pester her back.  "OOohhhh..."  She replied.  "That's a perfect fortune for me!"  Yes it is.  Please stop pestering people!
Leah is doing a little better at not crying so much and she's been taking naps!  Nice!  She tries hard to share, but still isn't very good at it.  She LOVES having her hair brushed, brushing my hair and painting my nails.  It never goes well, but it's always the kids' nail polish, so it peels right off!  Phew!  I don't want to explain that I let my 3-year-old do my mani/pedis.  She's free?  She works hard when she can and really likes to stay up late and snuggle with her daddy!  Poor Scott wakes up being crowded by her!
Cecilia has become wholeheartedly the newest Hash-baz Westhoff.  Sheesh!  She makes tons of messes!  Big ones!  She can open the fridge and bring whatever she wants.  It's nice when I'm feeding Josh and she brings me everything I need to give her a drink too.  She's saying more words all of the time.  I love how she says "Uh huh!"  It reminds me of Little Rascals!  So cute!  She also shrugs her shoulders!  Fun!
Josh is getting big!  I weighed him on one of my photo prop scales and it said he weighed fourteen pounds!  I went through his clothes and was able to unpack the next size up.  Luckily, I have a friend having a baby boy in a couple of weeks, so I just passed it on to her!  I'm worried he's moving out of this diaper size soon.  He is definitely not like Ben!  Ben takes forever to grow!  I think he's a super cute guy!  I love his little coos!  Oh how I love those smiles when he is trying to convince me to feed him (it works every time)!  I get some super cute pictures whenever I can!  I'm about to do another photo session, because it's about time!  He's holding his head up more and is starting to want to stand more.  So, I had to put the hurry on for getting him a Jumperoo.  I was hoping for another month!  He's a great baby, and he slept through the night once last week!  From 9:30 to 6 (when I woke him up)!

Scott had a rough day on Friday, with one crisis situation, that he had no idea how to handle.  Poor guy!  It made him doubt himself for a little while.  He's okay now!  Phew!  I'm exhausted and have to get up early, so that's enough for now.

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