Sunday, September 9, 2012


This week was pretty fantastic!  We had Monday off, so I was able to get more done and be able to feed my baby more!  Then Tuesday was only a half day for me, so I was able to get rent paid and everything!  Scott's birthday was on Thursday (as was the kids first time riding the bus this school year), so I had to skip RS while he slept.  It's what he wanted!  Then on Friday, Kim and Mandy each took half of our kids and Scott and I got to go on a date!  Woohoo!  We ate at a chinese place, then brought house keys over for Scott's mom.  After that we went to the hardware store to get new house keys made and then to the Party store to get stuff for Emma's birthday and Scott's classroom.  Scott loves me so much he let me go into Michael's too!  I got some acrylic paint (they were half off), so I can do the letters for the Chick a Boom Boom tree on the wall at my mom's house!  I'm excited to paint there!  Either way, we had fun!  And we only used birthday money!
Saturday we went to the Old Settler's Day Parade.  It was so long that Josh got a little red on his face.  Poor baby!  I thought I had him shaded in my sling!  The kids got lots of candy and loved dancing to the marching bands!  Leah was marching like the people in the band!  I was impressed!  We had lunch at Scott's mom's place with her and Scott's sister and kids.  Very cool!  Then we went up to the "fair."  We walked around and the kids got more free candy, balloons, and bags.  Josh was upset by then, so we hightailed it home.  I cleaned a little and fed Josh.  Then my brother and his family came for pictures!  That was fun!  I spent most of the rest of the day doing laundry and editing pictures.  So no homework done, but an enjoyable day!

 I made Lexi's bows and Tony's shirt

 I made this hat

 And this bowtie
And these kiddo shirts!

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