Sunday, September 2, 2012

We made it to September!

Hurray!  The first month down!  This month is going to be awesome, I just know it!  We've got a ton of birthdays!  Scott, my niece Zoe, my sister Mandy, Emma, and my niece Lexi.  I hadn't realized that my only nieces on my side were both born in September!  Fun!  I should probably get to work on their presents!
Emma is turning five, so she's super excited!  Leah is getting pre-screened for preschool.  Ben and Kira are going to start riding the bus to and from school.  Josh is growing big time!  He's in size 2 diapers now and is almost too big for his 0-3 month clothes!  He is so cute!  I love watching him, hearing the sweet coos/sighs.  Oh, it's a favorite!  As is Cecilia running up and giving me big hugs and sweet little kisses on my cheek!  She just called me:  "Momma?"  She was trying to find me!  She did.  To open a game.
Speaking of Mamaws, mine just turned 81!  I love, love, love her!  She is so incredibly awesome!  She gave me a ton of fabric and patterns when she came up a few weeks ago!  I can't wait to start making things after I get my house in order!
We were very enthusiastic about getting a new couch!  We now have a beige leather couch in our Living Room that matches our rug (which needs a deep clean)!  I took the desk out and moved things around, so my Living room flows much better (well it will when I'm finished)!  We now have more seating that isn't all crowded on the wall!  I even printed out new pictures to go on the wall, since they were from a year ago!  Maybe longer.
We also got a new printer and lots of other stuff for free, thanks to a laptop protection plan that expired and we got $100 back at Staples!  That was exciting!  Next week I'm going to have fun shopping for free with $50 at Old Navy and $30 at Children's Orchard.  Happy Birthday to those with September birthdays!
On Tuesday I get to start teaching reading strategies to first graders, every school day for the rest of the semester!  So exciting!  I love teaching!  I also get to do more every week in "my" third grade classroom!  My mentor is awesome, so I'm learning a lot!  Plus I've found some awesome websites and pinned them here.  So many great classroom ideas!  I would love to do the cool magnetic Chicka Chicka Boom tree in my girls' room, although it's more suited to a toy/learning room.  I wonder if my friends that have daycare would want one...  I always make things fantastic by the third one.
I'm excited to spend time with the Westhoff/Laudie crew tonight and tomorrow!  Fun!  I'll be posting pictures!

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