Sunday, December 9, 2012

This Semester is over!

Wow!  I'm still in shock that Friday was my last day with my Third graders!  They were so sweet and gave me presents and threw a little party for me!  I am going to miss my class!  I made something for my mentor, that I thought turned out pretty well, so I'm going to do it for my daughter's teacher tomorrow!
They even gave me cute cards that they made while I got kicked out of the class!  Seriously, awesome mentor, awesome kids!  They made my first full-time teach fantastic!  I got an A, so HURRAY!  I also got to observe my class for next Semester.  I'm looking forward to Kindergarten!  It will be lots of fun, in a completely different way!  I'm hoping to still see my Third graders!
I have the fun opportunity to help my parents at their house to change out the floors!  I love this kind of stuff! It was pretty hard work getting the sticky tiles off of the wood.  Ugh!  If I did this everyday, I wouldn't have to worry about losing weight!
My kiddos are doing fantastic!  Kira brought home a Spelling test with 18/18 and Ben had a math sheet where he got everything right!  They are doing a great job of learning through their weakness!  Their hard work is posted on my fridge, because I was pretty excited!  Leah is still in her extended eval at school, but is doing so awesome they say she doesn't need it.  She's going to be so bummed!  She LOVES going to preschool!

 Our Elf Magic Elf Alexandra.  She is a kick to have around!
 Decorating gingerbread pieces (the house didn't work out, so they broke all of the pieces in half)

 My yummy masterpiece

We had a fun Ward Christmas Party-a Night in Bethlehem.  I signed up to make the "shop" signs, so I worked on that.  I wasn't paying attention to how hard it was going to be, so I was surprised that it took a couple of hours.  It turned out a lot like the example they showed me online, so I'm pleased!  I thought the Party turned out very well!  It was a great way to celebrate Christmas' true meaning as we watched the Nativity scene play out and sang Christmas Hymns!
Then today we finally got to make our Gingerbread house, but the roof broke in two, so they broke all of the pieces in two and decorated them to eat.  It worked out just fine!
So, we're all doing well!  Hurray for weeks off!
We also put our tree up!

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