Friday, November 23, 2012


I'm thankful for lots of things, but especially my family:  my mom, dad, brothers, sisters, husband, kiddos, in-laws, nieces and nephews are awesome!  I'm thankful for Heavenly Father, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, Prophets (past and present), food, shelter, clothes, the ability to find sales, kids that fall asleep early, and talents that I may (or may not) take for granted.
I'm so thankful for the opportunity to learn and become a better teacher through it.  Block 2 has been hard, but I'm making it with tons of help!
I am thankful for good books to help me relax when I'm really stressed out and HGTV/DIY shows that help me want to fix up my house and tell me how to!

We had a blast eating with family yesterday!  I don't think my food was up to par, but it still turned out okay!  I tried to make brotchen, but was too busy and didn't pay close enough attention to the measurements and it was just a huge ball of dough that never rose.  Oops!
I went out for some cheap buys for Christmas, using my mom's money.  Pretty nice for me, because she hates crowds, and I love bargains!  I went to Wal-mart, which was crazy crowded, but no line.  Then Target  for a few things, and I got to wait in line a very long time.  I found out they have White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles.  Who knew!?!  They're pretty good!  Then I went straight over to Old Navy to stand in line there.  By then it was getting cold.  BBrrrr!  I read some of my Classroom Management book in between talking to people around me.  I got some great buys at Old Navy, but had to wait in line a super long time.  The people in front of me were trying to steal stuff, so I was glad when they left early and dropped all of the stuff!  Phew!  I wasn't looking forward to that confrontation!  When I was done there I got gas and headed to the mall.  I forgot that JCPenney's didn't open until 6, so I wandered the mall for an hour and hung out on the couch by the door for the next couple of hours, alternately reading Classroom Management and nodding off, with a little reprieve when Scott woke up at 3 and texted me for a little while.  At about a quarter till six, the crowd got up and surged to the doors. I was up closer to the front, but not the front.  I made it in okay amidst the hundreds of people.  I even managed to get an $8 waffle maker (the cool one that flips over) and help a few others get one too.  Once I got in, I just handed them over until I wanted to keep mine.  After I got out of there, it was even crazier!  I was glad I made it out okay!  I wasn't willing to even try for any other ones!  Once I checked out I was outta there and on my way home!  I got in bed and was out of it until one in the afternoon!  Luckily Scott was willing to let me do that!
Ben also had his birthday and it was a pretty great day!  He loves all of his books and his movie that I got for him!  Scott went and got him cupcakes for his class (he was super worried about it).  I was super sad that I couldn't be there for it!  So, I have no idea what the cupcakes looked like!  Mamaw took him to pick up Chinese food (he loves Chinese food) and pick his cake.  She's so sweet!  Afterwards we went home and I helped Ben put his new fantastically awesome toy together.  Check it out!  It took us until eleven, but we did it together (I had no idea what time it was)!
 He immediately started reading the books!  They're Garfield comic books!

Can you see the pilot?

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