Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Roof is caving in

Slowly.  Yesterday when the huge snowstorm started we had a bubble on the ceiling, which completely freaked the kids out (I'll be honest, me too)!  We moved our couch to the other side of the room, put out a bucket and some towels and continued on.  We watched as it got bigger and bigger and finally opened up and it didn't pour out water.  Weird.  We can see the sopping wet sheetrock up under the paint (and popcorn) that did come off.  Today another bubble started up.  So, we moved the bucket and towels over.  I've been taking pictures to document it, since our landlord hasn't even called us back from us calling him yesterday.  You would think that a landlord would care that a roof is leaking.  But, as the ceiling popcorn/paint has been coming down, we can see that this was a previous problem that they neglected to fix the right way.  So, when it gets warmer and we don't have air and the roof has caved in, I'm thinking we want to move!  I understand no one coming out, but to not call back when we called his home phone; that's just rude.  My poor kids keep begging us to move.  It's just not an option right now.  If nothing else, we have the documentation that we called, and I've been taking pictures along the way.  In the meantime, my kids are loving the snow days!  Tomorrow  we're going to actually play in the snow.  Today was a take-a-break and wear pjs day.  It should be fun!
 The first crack
 Getting bigger
 And done!
 First thing this morning
 Our Winter Wonderland
 Then I saw a drip right in front of me.
 Getting bigger
 And bigger
 And even bigger
 Wow!  Still no pouring out!
Just now!  I thought for sure it would have busted, but not yet!


  1. I experienced the same problem with our last apartment. Good thing our landlord repaired it immediately and was very sorry for such inconvenience. I suggest talking to your landlord about the problem, and if he refuses to fix it, then I think it’s time to consider moving.

    -Elizabeth Hoffnung

  2. The only bandaid you can apply here is to funnel the water into a bucket from time to time. I hope the difficulty of the situation for the kids would stir something in your landlord to do something before this would turn into a major, more costly-to-repair leak. I hope you're in a better situation now, Tamera. -->Joanne

  3. The landlord should really start repairing this now, before it damages other parts of the roof. With roofing problems, it’s best to get it fixed ASAP, as it tends to open up other possible problems such as heating compromise and various leaks around the house.

    Pleasance @ Shelton Roofing