Sunday, May 5, 2013

Counting down

Only 2 weeks until I graduate!  I'm done with my full-time student teaching and am now observing (and going to class) for another six days (and give my Kinders and mentor a present) and then I GRADUATE!!!  I made my graduation announcement/party invitation.  It came in today, so they'll be out in the mail on Monday!  I love reviewing things for free (or mostly free)!  I'm just having a little get together at the park I tried to fix up.  I ordered my cake today and am super excited!  It would be awesome if friends came by to say hi and have some cake, but if not, our family will be having cake and enjoying Braum's ice cream anyway!  My kiddos are so excited that I'm almost done!  As much as they love their mamaw, they want their momma more.  So, bring on the summer!  Scott's working this summer (and starting "night" school in June), and I'm going to be cleaning/ decluttering/storing/looking for a job.  If we figure things out and can move, we'll probably move.  With no ac unit still (he's not very good at keeping promises) and a HUGE bubbling piece of sheetrock on our Living Room ceiling, I'm done. 
Anyway!  I'm super excited about what we made for my mentor!  Last Semester I made a fun class picture for my mentor.  This time we made a book with each of the students writing a letter to her about what they like about her!  Plus we made a fun acrostic poem for her!  I'll probably still do a class picture too (since I have some)!  For the kids I just printed out cool bookmarks with reading strategies on them that I got for free on Tpt (and laminated them).  Plus we're finishing off the awesome Mother's Day cards!  For the outside I took a picture of each kiddo with their hands up and I'm going to print them (4 by 6) and cut them out for them to glue on the front of their card along with a heart that they're going to write something on.  In the middle will be their "Mom" acrostic poem that we wrote on Thursday.  Phew!  I hope their moms like it!  I know I would!
For Mother's Day this year I bought two of my kiddos "I love Mom" shirts!  Happy Mother's Day to me!  Plus I bought earrings that match my school colors for Graduation.  Plus cute shoes (At least I hope they're cute shoes) to graduate in!  I know, fun, right!
Either way, I've taken some fantastic pictures of my kiddos lately, so I'll post those, because the dryer's beeping at me and I can hear Cecilia crying, probably because she is soaking wet (she refused to put on a diaper before bed).  Mom to the rescue!

 My beautiful kiddos
 My girls
 My boys
 Right after the pigeon ate out of her hand
 With the "Penguin" at the Zoo
 She's so pretty!
 Look at those cheeks!
 What a fun smile!
 She was excited to ride the Polar Bear!
 Kira posed all over the Zoo!

Kira took this one for us!

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