Sunday, May 12, 2013

Last day with my Kindergartners

This past week was CRAZY!  I thought that since I wouldn't be teaching that it would be easier.  Nope.  I was busy working on the kids' presents (Reading Strategies bookmark with their picture on back), doing homework, going to the Zoo with my Kindergartners, and making a photo book with the best of the pictures.  We worked together to add captions to the photos.  I made the mistake of reading my book that I had made for my Children's Lit class.  They liked it so much that they asked to keep it.  Oh-kay.  Apparently it was good?  It was a sad day for me, because it was my last day and the kids didn't know beforehand.  They were expecting a party for me.  And there was no party.  They got cookies from my Mentor on Thursday and I brought cupcakes on Friday.  I was super glad for the other Interns though!  They got awesome presents!  I was pretty bummed by the whole thing.  Then I felt selfish that I was bummed that my students didn't get me anything.  I was super spoiled last Semester.  After that I felt like maybe I stunk as a teacher and that's why my first Mentor never wrote a Reference letter and my Second mentor didn't want to change my Reference letter to take out "will do well with mentoring" part.  I was feeling pretty sad.  Then the washer has been acting up and not spinning and we couldn't plug in our computer, so it died.  But, my kids are super cute though!  Look at my handsome lil' man:
  Plus I got my graduation announcements in (and out in the mail)!  It's fun to see the pictures that I took of myself with a self-timer on my camera that was set on top of our trash can!  And Kira took the picture of Scott and I!
Then on Friday night, I managed to get gas for only .189 cents a gallon!  So, I filled up my tank for $2.85!  Fantastic!  It all comes from shopping at a store with fuel points and buying so much food that you have a hard time finding a place for it!  We will be able to eat pasta once a week for the next three months or so.  No problem.  
Yesterday Kira, Josh and I went Garage saleing and picked up some cool stuff for cheap!  I got Ben shirts for a quarter each, which is fantastic considering that his latest stim is chewing his collar.  He has ruined a lot of his shirts!  Josh got some toys and I got some teaching stuff!  Then I got to see Iron Man 3 with my mom and two of my sisters.  It was fantastic!  There were lots of laughs, along with the adventure and suspense.  If you see it, make sure and stay until the credits are over.  Funny stuff!  That was what my Mom wanted for Mother's Day.  Kira, Emma and I also cleaned her van on the outside and inside at a car wash.  So, it was a service gift.  I love doing service for others!  It really helps me remember what is really important!  The Gospel and my Family.  If I really do stink as a teacher, then I won't be able to get a job, but I still have both of the things that are important to me!  I don't really think that I stink though.  I think I do my very best, and that it's pretty amazing.  I can't wait to see where it will take me!

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