Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fugitive by Shirlee McCoy

It seems like a lot is stacked against Logan and Laney.  Logan is wanted for murder and Laney has been abused and both her dad and husband have died.  She decides it is time to move on and that's when the suspense begins.  I like how real the people are, but didn't like how many people were going against the law.  I liked the banter and sweet kisses, but didn't like knowing who was the problem person in the middle.  I didn't feel like there was really any religion at all in it, which I liked.  Sometimes those can seem so contrived that it doesn't ring true.  All-in-all I really like the book and finished it pretty quick.  I just wished that the Kindle version didn't have so many quirks, weird chapter starts and occasional wide open spaces in strange spots.

Spoiler Alert!

I thought that the whole abuse and murder etc was a little strange.  It seemed as if Laney was so abused that she didn't even recognize that someone had been killed and buried in the backyard.  So, number 1:  How did she manage to live through all of this?  Number 2:  How did this family keep getting foster kids?  Number 3:  Why didn't she stick up for herself?  That drives me crazy!  If she saw that foster kids were disappearing or being mistreated, why didn't she stand up for them or maybe anonymously report it?  Number 4:  How did Logan manage to live there so long?  It just seemed too strange for me.  I still liked the book though!

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