Saturday, May 18, 2013

I graduated!

I think this is me!
After walking back to my seat!
My kiddos at Walnut Park
My cute family
I was pretty excited about my cake!
Ben and the "love of his life" Aurora
Me in my honor cords with my diploma holder!  I graduated cum laude (over a 3.5 GPA)!
After Ben had Aurora time (lots of it), he was happy to pose in pictures!
And photobomb mine!
What a full day!  We had to leave at about 7 (although we actually left at 7:30) in the morning.  I got my name card and assigned spot in line.  I was 82 ( I think), near the back of the line.  We got to walk in and sit down.  I was desperately trying to figure out where my family was, although I knew they were in Section 5.  Turns out they were right up on my left.  Almost as if they knew where I would be sitting!  Mom, Kim, Leah, Cecilia and Josh hung out outside where it wasn't so high up and crowded.  Apparently some of my kids are afraid of heights!  And it was SUPER hot in there!  I have an allergy cough, so I had my purse and a water bottle (although it was empty after I got my degree holder).  We were all bored and hot!  I was wishing for my Kindle!  But, I'm all graduated!  Woohoo!  We went to the park and Kim and Dad went to get food.  Then Cecilia was feeling hot, so Kim took her to Walgreen's and got her tons of helps to help her feel better.    I was super excited that some of our Emporia friends came!  Nathan Rytting, a couple Easts (one of Emma's friends and one of her big sisters), The Davaloses (she was our babysitter), and the Starrs!  We LOVE the Starrs!  The whole family took us in when we moved in and helped us feel so welcomed into the ward!  My visiting teacher (and I was her visiting teacher) was Chanda and she is awesome!  Then Ben "fell in love" with Aurora and they mail each other every few months!  It's so cute!  We took lots of pictures and headed to my mom's house to get the family back together.  We were supposed to go to the Ward Barbecue, but with Cecilia sick and me exhausted, we skipped it.  

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