Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

I always have a hard time with my birthday.  I have had some miserable birthdays where no one showed for my birthday party and times when I have had an awesome birthday!  I worry that I'm being selfish or lazy though.  Yes, I would love a nap, especially considering the fact that Ben is still not asleep.  But, am I entitled to a nap because it's my birthday?  I don't think so.  Thursday we traded in our two vans for an older van that can fit all 8 of us.  It's super exciting to ride with Scott and be able to see all of the kids!  What's super awesome is now our car insurance is under $20 a month and we'll only have to pay gas for one vehicle!  Woohoo!  The kids and I went for a looooong walk over rocks and creeks-with a Sit n Stand stroller. I got some super cool pictures!

Friday night my parents took Scott, Josh and I out to eat at Texas Roadhouse (one of my favorite places to eat out, when someone else takes us out-although I just realized that I forgot to give them my card and get the appetizer free), while my sisters took the rest of the kiddos to Applebee's and Wal-Mart (where they bought me birthday presents).  So, I got my birthday presents that night too!  I got lots of school/teacher supplies plus the Host DVD.  My sisters are awesome!  My mom gave us a TV a while back, so that's my birthday present from her.  Pretty fantastic!  Plus they help us out all the time!  My dad has been fixing up our new van.  Poor Dad!  I bet he's looking forward to the day when we can afford a new vehicle that he never has to look at.
Saturday we cleaned and went to Chuck E Cheese for my "party."  Our kiddos had a blast, so I"m glad they were able to have fun before we move!  Then I went to the Mall to use a gift card and felt super sorry for my husband who had to watch the kids.  They kept running into the store and Scott was super irritated with me by the end.  Oh well!
I'm so excited about my upcoming class that I have been combing web pages for ideas for my Farm classroom.  If I do half of what I want, it'll still be amazing!  I've also been carefully researching houses, I'm down to the Top 4!  We've been pre-approved, so we're going to go check them out on Monday.  Plus I'll get to meet my Principal, get my keys and see my classroom!  I'm planning to bring as much of my stuff as I can, so I don't have to move it later!  I'm looking forward to seeing what I have and what I still need!  I've also started buying my kids' school supplies.  I've already bought their school clothes, considering they've all grown a ton this summer!  I have a tote full of their school clothes, so we're all ready when school starts!  I have a ton left to sell/get rid of.  We'll see how crazy fast everything goes this week!

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