Sunday, July 14, 2013

So much, so fast!

I started my Zumba Exhilarate DVD workout this week.  I've worked out every day this week!  I started working with Mad Science this week.  So fun!  I got to assist another Mad Scientist with an Advanced Robotics class on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday I got to teach six different groups of kids about Oil Spills.  I'm pretty sure their favorite parts were the "lava lamp" and the cleaning up the "oil spill."  I had lots of pictures taken of me and the kids (as I'm sure all of the Mad Scientists did).  I had my phone interview with Liberal on Tuesday!  I was very nervous, but thought it went well!  They let me know that they would call me by the end of the week after they talked to my references.  Right after I went to get trained for Mad Science.  Very busy!  On Thursday I felt like I should carry my phone around with me (which I never do).  During Quiet time I was watching a movie and got a phone call.  My heart started pounding as I paused Netflix.  And I GOT THE JOB!!!  As a Kindergarten teacher!   Woohoo!  I am so very excited!  After she asked me questions and I asked questions, we hung up and I ran up the stairs and (very excitedly) squealed, "I got the job!  We're moving!"  I answered their questions and called poor Scott to let him know and as I was talking to him, his mom came to drop off the kids' car seats, so I told her too!  We're so very excited!  I was really hoping for a Kindergarten position and Ben, Kira and I fasted last Sunday that I would get a job (we fasted last month too).  And I did!  I know that it's only because a loving Heavenly Father put things in order for us!  There's no way I would have applied to Liberal if I hadn't received an email from the HR director on one of the teacher websites and felt like I should look into it.  I was led to join the teacher websites, and led to look into Liberal.  I told Scott about it and he researched with me as well.  Till 2 in the morning.  Then he quit school, because we got a yes to moving forward and his school was nowhere close.  Within two weeks I got a phone call setting up an interview.  And another week and I had the interview and got the job!  It's going to be amazing!  Now to get down there!  That's the super hard part!  We have no money, and a lot of kids.  All of the places Scott called wouldn't take us.  They only allow one child per room.  So, we'd need 7 rooms.  Craziness!  Or we have to buy, which is at least $3000 down (if we can get a mortgage) plus closing costs and it would be at least a month before we could move in.  Then there's our vans with the almost bald tires that we have to use both in order to go anywhere (since we all can't fit in one).  We're so close to doing well!  It's so hard to remember we have nothing!  Because everything else went so easy, I thought that finding a place to rent would be easy.  I was very mistaken.  I'm not writing this to complain!  I'm very happy!  I just have to remember to take the good with the bad and right now it might be a little more bad, but we'll be fine!  The light at the end of the tunnel is so close!  We'll be selling lots of extra stuff that we don't need and hopefully something will work out!  My kids desperately want our own house, since I promised them a puppy/dog when we have our own house.  We'll see!  We also celebrated Josh's first birthday!  We went to Science City with my sister-in-law and her kiddos and then had a party that night!  Poor lil' guy was so tired!  It was great though!
 I got him a ball with letters on it!
And a book and blocks

 Look Mom!  No question that Ben is mine!  I made that same goofy face in a family picture!
 They're all "Argh"ing!
 Josh wasn't looking a me.  I must not look like a pirate.  Phew!
 I have some cute mini Firefighters!
 I think Emma looks fantastic in this uniform!
 You'd think they have seen Iron Man.
 Oh!  The poses that crack me up!
 Jenn took this one for me!  I'm documented!
 Doesn't he look so big?

 Ben was looking at the chameleon up close!  We were all fascinated with its mitten hands!
 Kira's so pretty!  And the elderly lady that came and played with Josh through the window was pretty fun too!
 They were roaring like Tigers!
And water play before leaving for a LATE lunch!
 His makeshift candle-He was trying to put it out with his fingers!
 With his cake.  Oh!  His face!
 The cake everyone else shared.
 I love this kid!

 Taste the rainbow!
 He got mad after he put icing in his eye!
 After his bath and wardrobe change, he got his presents.  He loves his truck!

 He loves all of his presents, but kept going back to his truck!

 He helped pick this out, so he was thrilled to see it again!

 With his balloons!
Gotta take the good with the bad!  And the good SO outweighs the bad!  Our family (immediate and extended) are amazing!

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