Sunday, September 15, 2013

I lost weight!

I've been biking to school everyday and have lost five pounds so far!  That means I'm a tenth into the weight loss I want to lose!  So, now I've added riding home from work too!  I desperately need to get back down to just me and not the fat me and skinny me.  Just one me is enough!  Anyway, I also brought Emma in the trailer on Friday!  She LOVED it!  It cracked me up when she's all squealing in the trailer as I'm sloooooowly pedaling uphill!  Then when I got home I was breathing super hard, and Cecilia and Josh wanted a ride in the trailer.  So, I stretched a little as Scott got them buckled in with helmets on and we were off!  It was just a little jaunt around the neighborhood, and Cecilia was mad when I turned around!  "No!  Go to the other side of the street!"
I also started doing Project Rock after school (it's an after school enrichment program).  So, I'm at school from 7:25 (ish) to five (ish).  I love it!  Emma's in my after school group (as are all of the Kindergartners)!  Ben and Kira started going to Project Best this week as well (the intermediate school version)!  They all love it!  They get snacks, extra recess, a lesson, and homework help!  I love it, because I don't have to stay up till ten every night helping Ben with his homework!  Just on Fridays when they don't have anything after school!
Ben is now in band doing the bells, and we've bought the bells!  It was $105, which really isn't bad!  It even came with a hard case and a dolly!  The kids love the dolly!  The set stays at school the first six weeks and then it'll be going back and forth so he can practice!  He has been cracking me up telling me about his breathing exercises!  He gave a talk today at church and was adding sound effects to his story!  What a fun kiddo!
Kira is a Student Ambassador for her class!  It's a big responsibility and she's super excited!  I'm a very proud Mama!  She's only gone to this school for a month (or so) and they're letting her have responsibility!  She is doing an awesome job helping Ben out at school!
Emma had a great set of birthday parties (one at my mom's house with the family up there, one at school, and one at home on her actual birthday)!  Kira was complaining, to which I had to remind her about her HUGE party for her 6th birthday.  Then she was quiet!  Emma loves her presents!
Leah is learning so well!  We're working on her name right now, so that way she'll be ready for Kindergarten next year!  I know what I want her to know before August, because she doesn't have the advantage of an extra year, or preschool!  She's super smart though!
Cecilia is growing up so fast!  Although lately she's started talking like a baby and wanting snuggles a lot of the time.  I know I'm not home much, so I try to fill her daily quota of snuggles!  She's so pretty (like all of my girls)!
Josh is quite the lil' man!  He gives the Missionaries hugs!  He is talking more too!  Yesterday he said "bye!"  Emma said that she heard him say her name.  He seems to be talking a lot more!  He really loves his cars!  He is such a sweetheart!
We're loving Liberal and are really getting used to how things go!  Yesterday we bought a couple of baby turtles for $20 (it even came with a home and food)!  That was after a lady backed into me and broke our headlight, but it wasn't bad!
I also just finished an amazing book called Invaluable by Holly J Wood!  I borrowed it from a Young Woman in our ward and I think it should be required reading for all young women!  It wouldn't hurt for older Primary girls and young men to read it as well (but I know that's asking a lot)!  It's about a sixteen-year-old girl that is on the cusp of dating and all that goes along with it, when she starts having very vivid dream conversations with her Great Grandma (that she's named after) that teach her the different Young Women values!  I loved that she was shown different parts of history to see those that extolled those virtues!  Fantastic book! I liked it so much that I looked to see if there was another one and there is!  It's Unconditional!  In it, they discuss the Relief Society "values."  She's grown up some and is now an adult with a lot on her plate!  I understand how confused she was, being 18 and already having so much going on that even older women would have a hard time with!  I wish she was older!  I haven't quite finished it yet, but I LOVE it!  I am loving all of the fantastic books I'm getting to read lately!  I can't wait to tell you about one that I'm reviewing soon.  I'll give you a hint:  think Slayers 2...

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