Saturday, September 28, 2013

I've found Garden City!

Let's see:  Teaching, lots of meetings, we only fed the Missionaries once this week (usually it's more), I almost got hit by a car biking to a meeting, lots of awesome rain, Kindergarten field trip (the afternoon Kindergartners anyway)...
We have to go to Garden City for Stake Conference, so we drove the little over an hour to get there today and discovered they have Target!  Woohoo!  So, we dropped Scott off for a meeting and went shopping at Target and Wal-mart (they have a teacher section)!  Great fun!  I got notebooks for 5 cents each and 2 packs of gluesticks for 7 cents.  Awesome!  I got more notebooks that were more expensive (they were wide-ruled)!  When we were done shopping, we went back to church and saw our old friend Rebecca from Emporia!  The kids loved when she babysat them!  So, they were excited to see her!  Then we got to eat before the adult meeting.  Super yummy food!  They had Young Women there to watch the kiddos during the Adult meeting.  It was super nice to be able to sit with Scott.  We hardly ever get to do that!  I'm excited to come back tomorrow to hear what else they have to teach us!
This next week I am going to try and have my House Party, so that everyone can find out more about the 6 week transformation.  I'll post a link when my computer stops going crazy!

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