Sunday, January 12, 2014

We're healthy!

After having nasty noses for a super long time, for the most part we are nose breathing again!  Aaahhhh!  I did not feel great for a day this week, but only a day really isn't bad!  I had terrible chills for at least thirty minutes, but prayed and my loving Heavenly Father healed me!  He loves us!  It was already a hard week, being the first week back after a two week break.  I had to reteach like crazy!  My kids were doing great by Friday though!  Phew!  I stayed after school with Emma to get some things done, but started worrying about my older kiddos that would be coming home soon, so Emma and I walked home.  Scott was just leaving his appointment an hour away, and we still beat him by thirty minutes!  We were feeling it though, so Emma and I just sat for a little while!  Scott let me know that he has to have surgery on Tuesday, in consequence I had to get a sub for the day.  Bummer!  I know that I'd want to be there no matter what though!  I'm paranoid about my family!
Yesterday we got some cleaning done and I finished my planning for this next week!  Lots of new stuff going on!  I'm excited to see how it goes!  I also got a sub that already knows my kids, awesome!
Today we got to enjoy the Sabbath spirit!  The kids loved my oatmeal (thanks to my Dad's recipe)!  Josh was such a big boy eating at the table!

He's getting so grown!  I'm super impressed with my little man!
Emma is doing pretty well with going to first grade for an hour every day too!  She loves it!
Scott and I were looking at houses online and found one we really like, so maybe next week we'll look into some showings.  We have to see how the surgery goes!  I really hope it goes well!  He has been dealing with that bump on his tongue for awhile now, and we're desperately hoping it's not cancerous!

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